Antarctica Awakes!

by grant

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Written in response to Song Fu 2012, prompt #2. Neil Gaiman challenged participants to... "Write the national anthem for a new country. A country made up of, well, people like us."

This is the anthem for the scientists seeking knowledge two miles below the Antarctic ice, in the subglacial, volcanic Lake Vostok. With some extra awareness that they are acting out a part from a Lovecraftian horror story.


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Lenses gleam through jets of steam
Above volcanic lakes
We guide devices through miles of ice
Till Antarctica awakes!

Hear our voices on the wind
& rumbling from below
Nameless things await within
From 20 million years ago

Our home fires burn as our engines turn
The ground begins to quake
With winch and steel, by gear and wheel,
Till Antarctica awakes!

See the shadows on the storm,
Faces in the snow
Nameless things shall be reborn,
From 20 million years ago

Drill and dredge to define our leg-
end - as every limit breaks
So knowledge shines in the darkest mines
Till Antarctica awakes!

Feel the shift behind your eyes
Hold fast to what you know,
What nameless sleeps but never dies
From 20 million years ago

Through reason, hope and microscope
What we build, no one unmakes
Through logic, wish and radar dish
Till Antarctica awakes!


released February 18, 2012